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Office Manager GRC International 


We provide following services to students interested in study abroad to fulfill their academic and career goals of life .


We will review your academic, professional, financial circumstances along with your future study & career plan. According to your needs, we will assist you in selecting suitable course, place of study & all other related issues. You will get proper guidance from us which will fully comply with the update visa requirements.

Our dedicated and well experienced counsellors’ are always ready to assist you in every steps, your first visit to our office, admission, visa procedure etc. until your departure to your desired destination.

You will find detail information through prospectuses, information sheets available at our office.

You will get full assistance from us in completing / submitting application for admission. We will provide you list of necessary supporting documents.
We will correspondence with the university/college regarding your application and collect your Offer Letter once your application is accepted.
In case of applying to Australia / New Zealand, you will be able to apply for PVA with this Offer Letter along with other necessary documents. Once PVA is successful then you will need to pay tuition fees to the university/college to get visa stamped on your passport.
In case of applying to UK, after receiving Offer Letter, you will need to make tuition fees deposit. We will assist you in making such deposit. If you pay deposit by bank draft in foreign currency drawn infavour of the university/college, we will keep this with us until your visa application is decided.
Upon confirmation of “deposit” we will collect your “Unconditional Acceptance Letter” from the university / college for Visa purpose. You will need to include this letter within your visa application.
If you obtain visa only then we will send your deposit to the university/college. If your visa application is refused, you will get refund in accordance with the university/college policy.


We have long experiences in assisting students for applying for Visa. Our expertise in advising for “Student Visa” is among the best in the country.

You will get extensive & proper guidance from us regarding your sponsorship issues.

We will inform you about necessary visa requirements, how to fill the visa application form, what documents you will need to include with your application, how to apply & all other related issues.

We will make sure that your visa application is submitted in good condition and have good chances for Visa.


Recruitment of Workers from Pakistan to Overseas Companies involve the following process We recruit workers for companies in Middle East  and process their visas from embassies and apply for their protector from Protector of Emigrants,Sialkot. Our License No. 3474/SKT/2014 is issued by Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and HRD and our License has been registered in KSA Embassy Islamabad and KSA Consulate Karachi for endorsement of work Visas. If any company is interested in Middle East or any part of world is interested to recruit workers from Pakistan we can provide them quality service with shortest possible time .